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    Access. Conditional formatting: source is in query but not in other txtBox


    by luisengard ·


    First of all let me say hello to all of you as this is my first post here. Then let me say thanks because I just registered but I have been using this site as a source of knowledge for some time and it is amazing.

    I have a a question I could not solve searching.

    In Access 2007, I have a Form with some textBoxes and I want to use conditional formatting on them, but based on values that ARE available in the RecordSource query of the form BUT NOT in another txtBox in the form. I am using Access built-in conditional formatting as it is a continuous form.

    I have tried to do a conditional formatting that says something like
    [tblKPI].Form![Estado_AcCurYear_Hosp] = “OK”

    Where tblKPI is the name of the form, and [Estado_AcCurYear_Hosp] is the field that is available in the query of the form but not in any textbox of the form. I have had no luck and I was wondering if doing this is possible and how, because apparently you need to have a textbox in the form so you can use conditional format in other elements of the same form (instead of applying the conditional rules to the query that feeds the form).

    I could add the 20 txtBoxes and then hide them or something like that but I ran out of space in the form as it only allows me to set a width of 55’873cm and even if I could do it, it means a lot more of work!

    All the best and thanks in advance for your help

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