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Access Dababase Function Question

By learneverything ·
When I use the built-in expression builder, I don't see database functions like DCount, but I know they work if I type them in. Is there something that I can install to make them automatically appear?

Also, is there a database function for percentages? I have a survey, I need to know what percent of respondants answered 1, 2, etc. I need a database function because the field will have a 0 if they didn't answer.

Thanks for any help.

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Access Dababase Function Question

by Michael2 In reply to Access Dababase Function ...

You will find the Dcount function in the expression builder if you 1)Expand the Functions folder in the left hand pane. 2)Select Built-In Functions from the newly expanded folder. 3)Select All in the middle pane, it's at the top. 4)Scroll down the right hand pane, and you will find DCount.

DCount (?expr?, ?domain?, ?criteria?)

To find percentages do a count on all the records and store it in a variable. Then use the where clause and count function for each answer and store them in variables. Then it's just a matter of doing division on the variables to get the different percentages.

Michael Larose

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Access Dababase Function Question

by learneverything In reply to Access Dababase Function ...

Michael, please e-mail me directly. I understand your first answer. I was looking for DCount and DSum under database functions when I should have been looking under all. Silly me, I thought that was what the "D" stood for.

But, I need more detail with your second answer. I haven't defined a variable before and I need some step by step help with that. If we can work it out, I'll repost that question seperatly to make sure you get your brownie points. :-) Thanks.

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