Access data on old ATA drive circa 2002?

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Hey guys, I have this old Maxtor 60 gigabyte ATA drive sitting around. It's been out of service for a few years since I upgraded to a more suitable drive for this century. I have some data on it I'd love to recover, and recently purchased a powered sata to USB device that let me recover data off my old SATA 3.5" drives, but my old ATA drive won't fit.

If anyone knows a good way to access this old data without actually changing my computer's hardware, I'd love to hear it.

Edit, I've looked around other places, as well as amazon for a product that would let me use the drive plug and play style, but to no avail. Most of what I found either isn't for it, or doesn't come with a power cable that would actually power the drive.

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What you want is a USB to SATA/IDE Cable

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Access data on old ATA dr ...

These are fairly common and will take all but the most obscure drives that where once available. Things like those old 2 Cable Desktop Drives used in the pre Windows Days in some 286 Systems and those really Odd NoteBook Drives used way back when there was no standard worth mentioning. These come with their own Power Supply and everything else you need

Or you can go the route of USB to IDE Enclosure but you need to remember that you'll need a Enclosure for the Drive you have as there is no Universal Enclosure that takes most IDE Drives. You need different enclosures for Desktop or NoteBook Drives which sort of defeats the purpose though it does offer Superior protection to any drive you attack.,2

The Notebook or 2.5 inch drives don't require a Power Supply as they get their power from the 5 Volt USB Supply, though most come with a USB Y Cable which requires both of the USB Plugs to be plugged into the computer to get enough power to power the drive. You have to watch those Y Cables as one of the plugs is just for Power and the other is for Both Data & Power so if you can only use the 1 USB Plug in the computer you have to use the one with the thicker lead as it covers both Data & Power.

Hope that helps somewhat.


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