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Access database

By bharrower ·
I have a small network consisting of 11 workstations. The requirement of the system is to have an Access database. All worksations have MS office pro installed, and XP pro. The server NOS is SBS.

My questions are:

Does the Access application program (in office) on the workstations have to talk with a program such as MS SQL server on the server?

If not, how does Access retrieve records?

How would you set up your Access database?


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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Access database

My experience is based on 60 odd users using an Access97 database, but the principles have not changed. You create a directory on the server, save the database there, give your users full access to the directory, create a shortcut to the .mdb file and make it available to the users.

You can use the Access database tools to split the database into the front-end - the menu, queries and reports - and the backend databases, which will make it easier for you to add queries and reports to the front-end. The front-end has linked tables, pointing to the real tables in the back-end database where the actual data resided.

You may want to consider making a runtime version .mde available to the users, to tighten the security. The Access documentation is quite good in this area.

The only problems I experienced in using Access this way was an occasional lockup: one had to check a lock file in the database directory using a utility which told which user's PC had to be rebooted.

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by bharrower In reply to

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Access database

wow, TT I loved your answer and clipped it to save.
If you have sbs then you have some kind of sql database 'server' already. used to be SQL server, now i think it is MSDE. There should be plenty of info about what is in your sbs version and how to set it up for use with access at
I would add this 2 cents about how to 'design' the database: when i try to figure out the the tables and fields, I begin by drafting pencil copies of the reports I want out of the database. I try to user-prototype them, i say to each user i can get my hands on: if you were now going to pull a rpt from this database, what would in it (them)?
You'll quickly see the fields you need. The tables can be more problematic and the relationships. There is much good info and samples in the Access Help and the VB Help and also on the microsoft Access User site and the developer site .
Is this database is exposed to the internet?
I would call Microsoft and ask this as a pre-sales question. you don't have to mention you already bought it (hey, what is with this ready fire aim approach you got going on here anyhow? rdl)
you will get tons of free info straight from horses mouth.
My experience learning Access by myself is that it was a tough nut to crack for about 6 months.
I would ask for training right away.
Have fun. Let us know how it's going...

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by bharrower In reply to

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by bharrower In reply to Access database

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