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    Access Database


    by sholinh ·

    I have two independent sites connexted via wan link, 128kb line. I have a 3.5 meg access database on one site. The second site accesses this database over the 128kb wan link. Clients are complaining that the database is very slow when they try to access it over the wan. Is there any way I can configure this access dtabase for wan use, or are there any suggestions or solutions to this problem.
    Comments will be appreciated

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      maybe use replication

      by tgvisionary ·

      In reply to Access Database

      I am pretty sure Access 2k has a replication feature so you can create a copy of the DB and synchronize it occasionally. Then have the remote user (the person with the 128k line), use the replication client DB instead of the main DB. Their data won’t be totally fresh all of the time but the local copy will be way faster than staying connected to the remote copy. Occasionally, they will need to connect up and synchronize, which will be slow, but their main activities should be fast.
      A simpler solution (maybe) for real-time access is to set up the remote user with a Terminal Service (or Citrix) connection and access the DB through that. It is a little more work to set up but it will be WAY faster than opening your 3.5 meg DB across a 128k connection.
      Otherwise, I have seen apps like yours ported to a web app or a web services app (which is usually pretty pricey, especially if you only have 1 remote user).
      Good luck.

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        I agree.

        by wabbyl ·

        In reply to maybe use replication

        Replication would be the most likely candidate, but definitely read up on the subject in the Help file before doing so. Replication makes changes to the structure of the database, especially to AutoNumber fields, so you want to make sure that replicating it will not cause your queries and reports to not function properly.
        Citrix or Terminal Server are the way to go if Replication would cause trouble, but they sometimes create issues trying to move data from the client window to the local machine. If you have a spare machine at the main site that either has WinXP or you can load XP onto, then enabling Remote Desktop on it would allow the same access a Terminal Server, along with it automatically mapping network drives in the Remote Desktop to drives on the local machine. It has to be a spare, however, because you cannot run Remote Desktop while another user is logged in.

        Moving your application to a web app may or may not be an expensive procedure, depending on your current infrastructure and how complex your database is. If it’s a fairly simple database that just has a lot of data, and you already have a web server that the front-end could be migrated to, it may be as little as a week’s work, or possibly even less. On the other hand, if you have a lot of pages and reports, and have no web server to put it on, then it could be a very pricey proposition.

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