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By claire.ringel ·
We use a lot of copying records. Although we have formatted the date field using the input mask (99/99/00;0;_) for a short date (MM/DD/YY) it still records the time. When we copy a record, it does not allow us to change the date of the new record because it includes the time anyway. Anyway of getting around this? Do we have to use a different format for the date?

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by misscrf In reply to ACCESS DATABASE: Date Fi ...

I have had date issues myself in Access. Mine was that the data came with the time, which was stupid because they were all 00:00:00. Anyway, it had to come in as text, and I built a formula in the queries of my reports to format the date as I wanted it. This is one option for you.

For a report you have, go to the query and make a formula like so:

fieldnamefornamewithformula: Mid([fieldname],5,2) & "/" & Right([fieldname],2) & "/" & Left([fieldname],4)

It will show like: 09/15/2004

Another option is to tried the med date. It uses this input mask:

It will show like this:

You can always format the forms and reports to look different. One important issue to clear up is, how is this data stored in the Access table? Is this imported data? From the table design can you specify an input mask for it? Is it date/time or text, etc?

Hope this stuff helps.

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by Alpha48 In reply to ACCESS DATABASE: Date Fi ...

Sometimes changing formats midstream can cause problems with the records already in the database. So you may want to make a copy of your DB and try this. Go back to the table with the date field in design view, click on the imput/format shown and backspace thru the time digits. Save. A warning about the change should appear, but is only a copy so ignore it. Run the report. If the time still appears, go to the design tab for report or form you are printing and go to the date field, right click and go into properties. Go through the tabs at the top till you find the date [All Data?]. If it too shows the time characters back space through those also. Run the report or form. If all goes well, you can repeat the steps in the real version.


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by chavdaraju In reply to ACCESS DATABASE: Date Fi ...

when u copy new data your new data format must be same. if you r using a query to copy the data, change the format using format function with your new data.

The other way is, after copying new data you can update it using query.

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