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Access Database over Terminal Server

By xophile ·
I have set up Win2K Termina Server, installed the MS office suite. Users have access to office suite, can access other apps over server fine.

My difficulty is when the local users try to access an access database. I was trying to centralize the database so that anyone making changes would update the database, but permissions keep breaking when a user logs in, they can access the database but all permissions default, then noone can access the database to make changes *except admin of course.*

so i set up a copy of the database in each users profile folder, but i need to link the databases between each profile to update changes across database.

this is where i have difficulty, how do i access the database from each profile so that all changes are made in real time and accounted for across all copies? or is there something i'm missing to have each user access a single database that is centralized on the root drive of the server?

thanks for the help.

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access isn't..

by Jaqui In reply to Access Database over Term ...

an enterprise class database application.

it's a small home office class.
you will find it's much easier to just get an enterprise class db server than to fight access into doing it.

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Have you split the db?

by LiamE In reply to Access Database over Term ...

Have you split the yet?

Copies of the front end then get sent to the client PC (or profiles in TS)for each of the users.

The single backend is kept centrally.

As the previous poster said Access isnt an enterprise db. It can be quite ropey with as few as 5 users, but should be okay up to 20ish. I've seen over 60 users on an access db but it was quite horrific with dialy repairs needed.

Viva SQL.

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Access is not what

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Access Database over Term ...

you want to use. Get a DBMS, access is a file with a non-standard SQL interface. Even if you solve this problem, you're about to be innundated with a lot more. Unless only one user is accessing it at a time and there's very little data, your going to get locking, broken links and horrendous performance issues.

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DB split

by garfeel77 In reply to Access Database over Term ...

Split the database into front end and back end.
Put the back end in a shared folder on the network
accessible by the users. Use the link table
manager to link the tables in front end to those
in back end before you distribute the front end
to users. Careful with mapped network drives if
you do use it. This should work even if you have
different versions of MS Access on your client
users' side(just make sure users don't convert
the database the first time they load it).

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Access is fine

by gary In reply to Access Database over Term ...

for several concurrent Users provided you have reliable maintenance in place. We have several Access dBs running with upto 10 concurrent Users. I recommend UNC paths to the BackEnd Data as they are consistant links that do not rely on a mapped drive. With good dB design you can limit or preclude Users from design options and therefore reduce the need for any passwords at User Level.
Terminal Server based Access is a little more complicated but can be very User friendly when there are NO password constraints. We have it running with username defaults setting the department required which limits the data to each user. There's a few simple tricks to it but it stable and reliable.
More powerful dB engines are fine but access requires the same level of support and maintenance. Compact & Repair nightly with an automated tool.

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