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    Access DB and Citrix


    by borlowski ·

    I have an Access DB. We have 3 boxes in our Citrix farm. The DB is not the same on each of the boxes. Any ideas on what I need to do? Thanks.

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      by borlowski ·

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      by dpalsen ·

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      Are you looking to synchronize the databases, or keep separate copies and have users access them individually? You need to be clearer about what you’re trying to do, and then the net can help you accomplish your goals.

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        One DB

        by borlowski ·

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        Thanks for the quick reply. I want just one version of the DB. Right now, the version of the DB on Box 1 doesn’t have all the queries that are Box 3 for example.

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          Try this

          by dpalsen ·

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          Thanks but ?

          by borlowski ·

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          Hi. Thanks for the article but I have a question. The actual DB is in a sub folder in a folder on the shared drive. If I replicate per your article, do I put the replica in a different folder and just hope that it goes to a different box in the farm? (I’m a developer not a network admin type thus the probably silly question.)

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          Follow up to my ?

          by borlowski ·

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          Isn’t replication just replication of data and not of things likes queries, forms, etc?

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          Figured out the problem

          by borlowski ·

          In reply to Follow up to my ?

          End user who was testing it for me wasn’t opening the right DB….geesch.

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