Access Denied

By copperti ·
The predicament:

Wifes' HP laptop will not turn on due to electrical failure (not from a surge). She needs the data on her hard drive recovered. Hard drive is healthy.

The Problem:

1) I tried replacing my HP laptop hard drive with hers, but the laptop would not accept it due too "configuration incompatibility" or in another words, windows and the hard drive is configured for her specific HP laptop and will not work with my HP laptop (unless I format the hard drive and start from scratch, thus defeating the whole point of trying to recover data).

2) I purchased a USB hard drive enclosure and placed her laptop hard drive inside. Then I was able top see the hard drive contents. I entered the "Documents and Settings" folder and was able to recover the desktop files and the my documents data from both my children's profiles (they used the laptop also), but I could not access my wifes My Documents nor her Desktop files or her Briefcase.

When I enter F:\Documents and Settings\Wife\
I cannot open the folders inside of her profile because it keeps telling me "access denied."

My conclusions:

I think that maybe I cannot get into her files because of write protection, or she is the Administrator, or maybe because she had a password on her profile when she had Windows XP up and running on her laptop. Either way, all I am trying to do is save her data from My Documents, her Desktop, and her Briefcase so that I can reformat the hard drive and place it in my laptop and then she can have my laptop for her University homework without losing all the important stuff she has on the hard drive originally.

The Question:

Does anyone know how I can be successful in recovering her data? Is there someway to import her profile maybe onto my PC so that she can just login from my PC? Any useful suggestions will be most appreciated.

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This Worked For Me

by copperti In reply to Access Denied

I scoured forums until I found a topic that seemed to answer my question. I found a link to a support Microsoft answer---and after reading it, I felt really dumb because had I probably thought about it a little more, I could have used what I knew to solve my issue.

It's amazing that when it comes to my stuff, I forget everything I use to fix other peoples problems. :)

Here is the answer:
Take ownership of the file (click link below)

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RE: This Worked For Me

by Jacky Howe In reply to This Worked For Me

Now you know why mechanics never work on their own car. Glad to see you up and running.

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Access Denied

by yemking In reply to Access Denied

Well done you're half way, if i were you i would do same procedure. listen carefully now and follow those steps as i usually do.

1. select "do not entered F:\Documents and Settings\Wife\" the folder Wife
2. right click on top of the folder and click properties on the TAB select Security.
3. you will see the below Group or User names. therefore you've do add your self on that list and click Full Control as Allow.
4. Then Click Advance button then goto Auditing and Owner their small Checkbox ( {[] Replace all existing inheritable auditing entries on all descendants with inheritable auding entries from this object]
You need to click as checked "small Mark"

if this didn't worked out send me email i will forward pictures you'll understand or call me +967-711264551 good luck and make me proud.

i usually tell people i can lost anyone on computers whenever you need. bye my friend

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