Access Denied?!?!

By deckert7 ·
I have just recently reinstalled Windows and I can't get to my My Documents Folder. There is nothing in the new one, and the old one (which was hidden and in the Documents and Settings folder of C:\) is denying me access. Does anyone know how to gain access to these files?

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Take Ownership

by Langlier In reply to Access Denied?!?!

log in as an administrator. right click the file you need access to. go to security. On the security tab click advanced. On that window click the Owner tab. make sure the replace owner on subcontainer and objects box is checked. select administrators. and apply. should take a little while and you should have restored access to your docs.

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kind of succesful...

by KiwiStudent In reply to Take Ownership

I too have recently upgraded from Windows XP Home to XP Pro and have the same problem; I've been able to change the security details only on the /docume~1/[username] folder, all other folders within the above directory still deny me access and display 'You do not have permission to view or edit the current permission settings for [folder name], but you can take ownership or change auditing settings'. However, I cannot add any users to the security tab, and a 'Windows cannot calculate the effective permissions for Administrators.' is displayed on the Effective Permissions tab on the Advanced Settings window.

Is there any OTHER way to access my files, short of buying XP Home and reinstalling that?

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keep going...

by sgt_shultz In reply to kind of succesful...

look in advanced, you'll need to check a box to have the security changes affect all the subfolders too.
i think you could solve all of it by putting your account in the administrators group.

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Did you have the directory encrypted?

by jdclyde In reply to Access Denied?!?!

If you did, your toast without the original key.

If not, then what the others have said should get you to where you need to be.

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