Access denied changing security policy settings in 2003 DC server.

By franciskop ·
I get an access is denied error message when i try to change any security policy settings such as minimum password length in 2003 Server DC controller.

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Is it safe

by XT John In reply to Access denied changing se ...

to assume you are trying to do this logged in as the administrator? One can never tell around here lately....

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by franciskop In reply to Is it safe

Yes. I'm login as Administrator. This is a 2003 ENT Server and I'm doing this using VNC client. The server does not have a keyboard/Monitor installed.

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Administrator Account

by rkuhn In reply to Access denied changing se ...

Are you the admin for this server?

I know of a lot of people, myself included, that still believe in security through obscurity as another layer of defense.

It could be that the admin account was renamed and you aren't actually on as the admin.

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Yes. I build the server from scratch

by franciskop In reply to Administrator Account

I install 2003 server and never change account administrator

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