"Access denied" error

By mozz_y ·
Please no replies by anyone that doesn't take time to read :)

I have an odd problem:

Trying to copy files over my local network.

As I go to a given share, I can see all the files fine.

Some of the files in a given folder copy ok, but others give me the "access denied" error.

this does not relate to size, as I can copy some large files (8MB Tested fine).

I also thought perhaps file type, but I have seen some zip files fail, while other zip files work.

Both machines are running XP Pro, both with NTFS.

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Access rights and randomness

by Toivo Talikka In reply to "Access denied" error

Have you checked the access rights for the files you are denied access? Can you duplicate the problem any time, in other words, is it consistently the same file that is producing the problem but another file of similar size is consistently accessible? Or does this problem happen at random intervals or to arbitrary files?

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not random

by mozz_y In reply to Access rights and randomn ...

I have been doing more checking, and it looks like there is a date issue here: files that are older than 12/13/2006 seem to copy fine, newer than 12/18/2006 are failing.

The access rights in properties only show hidden or read only, where else do I look for attributes?

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Folder, files and login names

by Toivo Talikka In reply to not random

Check the access rights at the folder level in the PC where the folder is located. Check if the access rights are inherited from the folder to the new files, and make sure you know which local user your PC uses as the stored credentials when it accesses the PC where the folder is.

A lot in the behaviour of access rights depends on the folder security model used in the PC where the folder is. Does the PC use Simple File Sharing or the proper XP security? If it uses Simple File Sharing, you most likely log into the PC hosting the folder as Guest and you should check the access rights for Guest and Everyone.

You should also check if your login has stored network credentials for the other PC where the folder is kept. Go to Control Panel - User Accounts - your login name and click Manage My Network Passwords.

It is very likely that something was changed in one of the PCs in mid-December.

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Access denied

by MSOAFC In reply to "Access denied" error

This wouldn't be due to the files trying to be copied have password protect's on them would it??

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