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    Access denied for a folder


    by vijaycby ·

    Dear friends,
    I used partition magic to merge partitions (D & F) on particular hard drive.
    This also offered to transfer my data to primary partition (from F to D).
    Now I have my OS W XP Pro on another hard drive (C of C&E) and try to open the folders of F drive which are now on new merged D drive.

    It gives message, D:[Folder Name] is not accessible. Access is denied.

    Help me access/recover this data.

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      by vijaycby ·

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      by kerah ·

      In reply to Access denied for a folder

      Try to check the security applied on that folder and who is the owner of the folder thats from the prperties attrib of the folder

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        by ron k. ·

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      I believe that PM allows you to remap partitions after a merger.

      by ron k. ·

      In reply to Access denied for a folder

      I’m not sure if you can do that after closing out of the merge operation. I think that the remapping must be run concurrent to the merger or you’re hosed. You might try opening PM to see if you have the remapping option now. Everytime I’ve merged partitions I’ve remapped so I don’t know if you can do it after the fact.

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      Take Ownership of the folder and Objects

      by oldbaritone ·

      In reply to Access denied for a folder

      Log on with an account with administrator rights, then Right-click the folder, choose “Properties”, “Security” and click “Advanced”

      Then choose the “Owner” tab.

      Highlight the user you want to make the owner, click the “Replace Owner on subcontainers and objects” and click OK.

      WARNING – if the object is encrypted, it will no longer be accessible. If you can, put the old system back together, sign on as the owner and remove the encryption before you move the drive to the new system.

      And as always, it’s best to start by making a backup BEFORE you begin.


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