Access Denied HDD & System Restore

By jfcooper ·
Hi there
My daughter had a virus on her laptop, having now removed it, when you double click on my computer, get the message ACCESS DENIED. If I use IE then type C in the address field, get access denied. If I try to recover the computer using system restore, it attempts to perform the taks but eventually reports that there is nothing to restore. If I Reset the laptop, after boot up and its settled down, the only thing on the desktop is an open folder off the C drive, this being C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM. I can then click BACK to the C drive and then gain access. I can access the folders and files on the hard drive at that point.
I am wondering if this is a registry issue, if so, has anyone experienced this, and do they know of a fix - far short of total recovery and wiping off all applications.

Best Regards

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By the sounds of things the system is not yet clean

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Access Denied HDD & Syste ...

When you ask questions like this it helps no end if you tell us what the infection actually was that way we may be able to help you more.

Start of here by installing Malware Bytes from here

Updater as required and then restart the computer in Safe Mode use your AV Scanner and clean up as required and then scam with Malware Bytes and see if there is any Malware or other rubbish on this computer. But as you can access the data I would suggest backing it up before proceeding any further.


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Access Denied HDD &

by jfcooper In reply to By the sounds of things t ...

Hi there
Many thanks for reply - Since all thework was done over a phone, all I know is that 71 worms were found, and several, if not more Trojans. I have downloaded malwarebytes and will forward to my daughter. I did not want to do a total backup, using Norton Ghost as that is what we use, for it is only going to backup any krap that is on the computer.
I will let you know of the outcome
ONce again thanks for the assistsance.


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Your Welcome <NT>

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Access Denied HDD &

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