Access Denied on drive c:

By capri ·
I am trying to format drive C: and I am signed on under an account with administrator privileges. First, it tells me the volume must be dismounted. When I put that command in, it gives me an error msg that says access to that drive is denied. What now?

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Yes that is correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Access Denied on drive c:

You can not format the Boot Drive while in the Installed OS.

You need to use something different to the Loaded Operating System.

To this end you can use a Windows Install/Recovery Disc or some third party software like GParted.



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Put simply...

by neilb@uk In reply to Access Denied on drive c:

Even Windows isn't so stupid as to let you saw off the branch that you are sitting on.

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Do I feel stupid now?

by capri In reply to Put simply...

Wow! Really ran right into that, didn't I? I think I've been retired too long to help friends! Since my friend cannot remember the "real" administrator password, my only recourse, then, would be to make a full install from the OS disk, and begin anew. (Considering that my friend doesn't want to pay for additional software!) Thanks for your replies (and Neil, I had to laugh at yours...I remember using that line when I was actively working--LOL).

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Not your only recourse

by rouschkateer In reply to Do I feel stupid now?

Can't post what I had originally. Never mind. Edited post.

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