Access denied to C drive

By dinexdashed ·
I recently re-installed my windows XP home edition and now I cannot access my C drive or my external drive.

when i right click and click open, it says access denied:

when i double-click, it gives me this:

i have tried numerous things to fix this, including putting it into safe mode and making sure the permissions are correct. i do not have the 'use simple file sharing' in my folder options AT ALL, i am the only person who uses the computer (thus i am the admin).

also, i can get into both programs by clicking explore.

i hope this is enough information. i've never had this problem in 4 years until i decide to wipe/re-install and NOW it gives me problems.

thanks for the help!

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Just how did you 're-install'?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Access denied to C drive

Tell us, in detail, what you did to re-install?

And, by the way:

(1) Windows XP Home does not have the same network protocols as Windows XP Pro, so there IS no 'Simple File Sharing' option.

(2) Just because you are the only user does NOT mean you are THE Administrator. You may have Admin privileges, but you are not THE Administrator. To log into THE Administrator account on a Windows XP Home PC, you must boot to Safe Mode where you should see the Administrator account on the Welcome screen. If you're not using the Welcome screen, you can type the word Administrator into the username field. The password MIGHT be blank, so try pressing enter first. Of course, if you set up an Administrator password when you 're-installed', you'll have to enter it.

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by dinexdashed In reply to Just how did you 're-inst ...

i did go under administrator when i booted in safe mode and made sure ALL of the permissions were checked for everything.

and for re-install, i booted from my service pack 2 cd, then upgraded to service pack 3 once i got online. according to my device manager i have all the correct drivers, etc. installed.

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Access denied to C drive

How to reset security settings back to the defaults


Click on this link to download this and run it. It may fix this problem for you.


Access is Denied Error Message When You Try to Open a Folder XP Pro


I would be inclined to use the XP CD to wipe the Hard drive and start fresh. Delete the Partitions and then recreate them.

How to partition and format a hard disk by using Windows XP Setup program


How to install or upgrade to Windows XP


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nothing yet

by dinexdashed In reply to Try this

1. i tried the manual fix and it didn't work
2. i think you were trying to link me to the fix it program, but the link is dead & i can't find it
3. doesn't apply to me because i have the home edition

and when i've re-installed twice, deleting the partition and following the boot instructions to completely wipe the drive. it still isn't working.

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The link that I gave you supports XP Home

by Jacky Howe In reply to nothing yet

When you rebuilt the System did you select to Format as NTFS or Fat32. It should be NTFS for a drive this size.

Recheck the Permissions:

1 Restart the computer in Safe mode.
2 Click Start > My Computer.
3 Right-click the icon for drive C, and then click Properties.
4 On the Security tab, in the Name box, click Administrator.
5 In the Permissions list, check Allow for all items in the list.
6 In the Name box, click System.
7 In the Permissions list, check Allow for all items in the list.
8 Click OK.
9 Restart the computer.

Check that Users have these boxes ticked in the allow box.
Read & Execute
List Folder Contents
Special Permissions

Are you by any chance using Norton, if you are try this.

Disable and reenable the Norton Protected Recycle Bin
1 On the desktop, right-click the Norton Protected Recycle Bin icon.
2 Click Properties.
3 On the Norton Protection tab, uncheck Enable Protection.
4 Click OK.
5 Restart the computer.
6 On the desktop, right-click the Norton Protected Recycle Bin icon.
7 Click Properties.
8 On the Norton Protection tab, check Enable Protection.
9 Click OK.
10 Restart the computer.

If there is no succes compare your data to this.

Copy this into the run box and click Ok: cmd /c xcacls c: >Desktop\perm.log

Open it in Notepad and compare it to this.

C:\Documents and Settings\Rob AMBO\Rob:F

Along with the suggestion to run MalwareBytes also run this Rootkit Revealer GMer
<a href="http://www.gmer.net/index.php" target="_blank"><u>Gmer</u></a>
<a href="http://www.gmer.net/faq.php" target="_blank"><u>FAQ</u></a>

Hey OM that is the Free Space.

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It's a virus...

by Breezer85 In reply to Access denied to C drive

I ad the exact same message come up a few months ago, it was down to a very horrible virus which i had to manually find and delete from all drives, Inluding the backup drive!

To check if this is the case open command prompt and type: dir /ah this shuld list any suspicious files that are hidden on the drive, mainly with .com extensions (don't delete command.com!)

Then, as always run a virus checker such as MalwareBytes & SpyBot.

Please do follow up and post back your latest developments!

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by dinexdashed In reply to It's a virus...

i tried what you suggested and here is a screenshot of my command:

as far as i can tell, nothing looks suspicious, but maybe you can spot something i don't.

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looking in the wrong place

by balfagi In reply to command

you need to go to the root and run the command... i.e. type "CD\"

This will take you to the root... i.e. "C:\"...

then type the above mentioned command "dir /ah"

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okay, done that...

by dinexdashed In reply to looking in the wrong plac ...

okay, i tried that in cmd & here is what i have:

again, there doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary...

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I notice your HDD totals to 68GB - that seems odd to me ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to okay, done that...

Given that all HDDs format to a figure less than the total taking account of partitions and the difference between Decimal bytes and Binary bytes BUT I've never heard of a 70GB or a 75GB HDD.

So, I'm now wondering if you have perhaps formatted a partition rather than an entire hard drive?

Or maybe there's something else lurking on your HDD that is occupying space?

Can you comment please?

*By the way - that LINK you said was dead, works for me.

Edited for *

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