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Access Denied to Folder on WINXP Pro Boot Drive now attached as a Slave

By john ·
We had a machine that was having some boot up issues (Most likely due to improper driver update(s) and perhaps some corrupted XP system files) - The drive was taken out and a new HD installed then a full XP pro Install, from scratch, was preformed. The 'old HD' was installed as a 'slave' drive and the important data was retrieved; except for......

And here the problem lies:

The 'old drive' was setup as with two partitions: A 'Boot' partition & a 'Data' partition. The 'My documents' folder was allocated to the 'data' partition. There were two users assigned to this station: An administrator and a Guest account. The Admin account had made his my documents folder 'private' and now when accessing the drive as a slave any attempts to open this folder results in an 'access denied' error. There is a considerable amount of data in this folder we need to recover.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you in advance

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John now for the good news

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Access Denied to Folder o ...

You'll have to use the drive in question as a "Boot Drive" to extract the data because of the way it is stored on the drive. By making the data "Private" it is impossible to copy it without first starting that copy of Windows XP as the security is locked in that OS.


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convert to FAT32

by Hiro_Protagonist In reply to John now for the good new ...

What would happen if you converted the drive to FAT32? Would it strip off all the security info?

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I have the same issue!!

by hihawkman In reply to Access Denied to Folder o ...

Hello John,

Did you find a solution to your problem? Would you like to share it please.


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by Richcorp12 In reply to Access Denied to Folder o ...

IF you are using Windows XP Professional, all you should have to do to access the files is change the permissions on the folder on the "slave" drive. Although you can not change them simply by adding yourself as a user, if u turn off simple file sharing (allowing advanced sharing and security to be set) You can perform a "Take ownership" command to the "slave" files, and gain complete control of them.

If you need specific directions to do this e-mail me at

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