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Access denied using PDF files offline

By Sceva ·
I have a windows XP Tablet computer running the latest updates. I am using the offline files feature to synch up with files on another computer in the office. Everything works fine, except...
When I am not on the network, most of my PDF files won't open. I get a dialog box stating: There was an error opening this document. Access denied.
I tried using the Foxit Reader but it was not able to open the files either.
Any ideas?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Access denied using PDF f ...

It sounds very much like the files in question are not on the Tablet but on either your Workstation at work or the Works Server depending on where they are stored by the System Admin.

In that case if you are off line naturally you will be unable to view these files. There could be some policy in place where you work preventing some or all files being moved from the Server to other units on the Domain if that is the case you'll have access to them whenever you are connected into work but not when you are disconected from the office.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

To check this ut open the folder where these files are supposed to be stored and right click on one of them and see how big it is. If you have 0KB's shown in the File Properities you are looking at a shortcut to the file and not the file itself.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

It's Windows don't try to understand just accept it. That way it's a lot less painful attempting to understand Why It Is So.

It coul dbe that the particular file sare Read Only or something similar to that or maybe even that they where not actually moved across to the Tablet they only had short cuts created and that is causing the poroblem.

I have one person who drives me crazy with his constant questions of why this isn't showing in the Task Bar but on a reboot it is. MS doesn't want us to look at the Source Code and I'm way to lazy to even attempt it so I just say It's Windows what else can you expect!

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by Sceva In reply to Access denied using PDF f ...

I have about 50 PDF files in a particular folder. All show the correct file size on the first page of the properties tab. I can open about 20% of the files when offline. Of these, when I go to the PDF tab on the properties I can see the full details. On the properties/PDF tab of the ones that don't open, it is blank.
We do not have a W2k server, so the only policies that might be in place are local machine policies, and I can't think why they would block some files and not others...

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by yanivgeler In reply to Access denied using PDF f ...


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Maybe you have not downloaded the files.

by PhiltheGreat In reply to Access denied using PDF f ...

You are using the syn. feature, which may not download the full version of the pdf in your computer.
Check your Adobe Reader setting too.

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Thank you

by yanivgeler In reply to Maybe you have not downlo ...

Thank you I appreciate it. But I found the simplest solution, I shut of the laptop for 1 minute, turned it back on. And Wallah, all my PDF files began working again. Weird because it did not work when I simply restarted the laptop. Thanks for the info though.

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What am I looking for?

by yanivgeler In reply to Maybe you have not downlo ...

You mentioned in your post that I should check the settings. What am I looking for? also I downloaded the full version of adobe reader 7.0 and I also tried it with 8.0.

I think this is an access issue with users. Because I can access every other pdf outside of that particular folder at any saved time. But within that particular folder, I can only access pdfs that were saved after a certain period of time, all the other pdfs that were saved in that folder before x time appear to have the msg. "There was an error opening this document. Access denied".

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When you cannot open pdf files .........

by stacy In reply to What am I looking for?

When you cannot open pdf files it is usually because for some reason the folder the pdf is in was changed to "Read Only". It does not affect every pdf in a particular folder, only some of them. I suspect it has something to do with the time the folder became "Read Only". I found that certain maintinance routines will cause this such as a strong defrag application. Anyway; It is simple to fix; just right click the folder the pdf documents are in, go to "Properties", and uncheck "Read Only" and hit "Apply". A box will pop up, choose "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files" if you want all pdf's to open correctly within that folder and/or subfolders. I spent days on this and read everyone else's responses who really did not understand your question. I guess it just has to happen to you to understand how frustating it is. I had a pdf I made only a few hours earlier not open on me, no network, or anything, so I just started asking myself what has happened to cause this in the last hour. The only thing I could come up with was the fact that I had just used a strong defrag software and some other maintinance utilities. I don't know for sure the specific prucedure that may have caused the problem so I am not going to go any further. I hope this helps anyone else out there as this is and can be VERY frustating.

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Virus infection-changing folder attributes and contents

by ragingronin In reply to When you cannot open pdf ...

Looking at the time thread started and Stacy's Reply 28feb09 and it is now 02apr09 there may be many of us in need of this solution. If the solutions above works--check your network/PC/USB Stick for possible infections. Mabuhay!

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