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access denied with administrative rights

By switchoff_b ·
Slight problem, I have two users with folders I cannot access...and neither can they. I can access their main folder on the server and some of the subfolders, but there's one or two folders that for the life of me I cannot open. Any suggestions?

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by LordInfidel In reply to access denied with admini ...

Log in as a domain admin.

Right click on it/properties/security.

Select the ownership button and take ownershop of the files.

then reset the persmissions

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Already Am

by switchoff_b In reply to Ownership

I'm already logged on as domain admin, that's what had me puzzled. I solved the ownership issue by using winfile instead of explorer. I noticed something rather odd though, in explorer in the properties for file or folder the security tab is missing, any ideas to this?

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What OS?

by LordInfidel In reply to Already Am

What OS are you using to explore the file system.

If you are using win98/me or xp home(?) you won't see the security tab.

NT4, 2K pro and XP pro will see the security tab.

If you *are* using NT4/2kpro to browse the file system, is the file system NTFS. If it is not NTFS and it is FAT/FAT32, you will not see the security tab.

If the file *is* on an NTFS parition and you are using NT/2K to access the file/folder properties, and you still do not see the security tab. Then something is _*very*_ wrong with your OS's explorer.

I would check it from the system the files live in and verify that it is indeed on an NTFS volume and that permissions are set correctly.

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by switchoff_b In reply to What OS?

The os is NT4 Server, the files/folders reside on the local machine and the file system is NTFS

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Where OS are you viewing the files from

by LordInfidel In reply to OS

Are you connecting to the server via win98 or something similiar and trying to view permissions?

What happens when you view the properties at the local machine? Do you see the security tab?

If not, are you 100% sure that it is an ntfs partition? Double check and make sure.

Because, if it is a NTFS partition, and you are sitting in front of the server viewing the properties of a file and you do not see a security tab. Then something is extremely wrong and I would not trust that install.

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Ownership / (winfile?)

by LordInfidel In reply to Already Am

I have never heard of winfile, but it should not solve your ownership issue.

The only way to take true ownership is to right click/properties/security/ownership, take ownership. And you have to be logged in as a domain admin/local admin in orderto do so.

Are you sure that you are looking at the file via a security capabale OS like NT4 wkstn/srvr or 2Kpro/srvr or even XP. 95/98/ME can not read the security descritpors off of NTFS partitions and will not be able to display the security tab.

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by djent In reply to Ownership / (winfile?)

Winfile is a Win3.1 style file manager that is limited to 8.3 naming and no security functions.

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by LordInfidel In reply to

I have no idea why it would be used in this scenario then.

But that would be the reason then he is not able to view the security tab.

He needs to use native explorer.

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by switchoff_b In reply to Thx

Ok, yes it is for 100% sure an NTFS drive. I am logged in as the domain admin, on the machine itself. In windows explorer, no security tab. no way to take ownership. open winfile, taking ownership is possible, i've done it, it works.

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The OS is hosed

by LordInfidel In reply to

If you are logged in as domain admin on the local machine, And you are viewing thru Native Explorer,
And there is NO security tab.

Then I would say that the OS is hosed and I would not trust it.

The security tab just does not disappear.

I would first clear out the event logs. Reboot the machine and see what errors appear in the event log.

Also what Service Pack is installed?

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