Access Deployment with Access Runtime 2007 Date() problem

By paulhesford2003 ·
I have created an access data base in access
I have created a .accde file and packaged
packaging wizard included access runtime 2007

Installed on test machine.
Test machine has no office software installed

Database opens but when i try to access a
based on a query which uses the Date()
to calculate one of the fields i get the
following error message

"Function is not available in expressions in
query expression
IIF(PaymentDue>=Date(),Price=10,Price = 0)

Actions so far: -
Checked references - this was difficult
i cant open VBA in access runtime to check if
any references have been broken. So i have
manually checked all reference files exist on
test machine

I think that the test machine dosnt like the
Date() function and would prefer the just
which is used in the VBA environment but will
not work in the access query

Thanks Paul

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Try Now

by LarryD4 In reply to Access Deployment with Ac ...

Did you try the Now() function?
Pretty sure its Now that your looking for.

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by paulhesford2003 In reply to Try Now

I think now() will work but this seems to be
a work round rather than a fix and could
cause me some problems with date calculations
later- the problem seems to be related to
references in vba.

I cant check whether these are broken or
missing on the target machine because this
machine only has access runtime which will
not allow me to open the vba window to check

Thanks Paul

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More than just the Date() function

by loubonnett In reply to Access Deployment with Ac ...

I've attempted to run a 2007 run-time application (.accde packaged as .accdr) on workstations running ACC 2003. I've noticed that it's not just the fields sourced by the Date() function that don't work (Name#), but rather any and all calculated controls. This is a serious pain since I have to present this app next week. Since I can't check and edit references on a runtime app (as far as I'm aware), I didn't assume that i would have a reference issue running my app on ACC2003 workstations. Isn't that part of the whole point of the runtime package?

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