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    Access devices (shared folders) across “subnet” connections

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    So, i need some help to correctly setup my home network to act as intended (as it was before). But must give you the context.

    First, i had a simpler setup, with just a router sending internet for every device
    [old simple network setup(image)][]

    The modem and router on the office, a desktop connected by cable, and the rest of the house by WIFI

    The work desktop is named and have some shared folders, that could access with my personal laptop on “\\PC\folderNum”, and even had mapped than to letters; X: and Z:

    The inverse also was true, a shared folder from laptop accessible on the desktop by “\\note\\folderName”.
    And also could access the Xbox 360 Neighborhood easily since it has fixed IP (everything else is dynamic)

    But WIFI signal was really bad on my living room, so i placed an old router there, to bust the internet speed.
    [actual network setup with a sub net(image)][]

    Now, the notebook when connected to the 2nd router, can’t find “\\PC” name anymore, i can access it directly through the IP address though “\\”.

    So i’ve tried make the PC’s IP fixed, and re-targeted notebook’s mapped letters. It makes files addresses work properly and (really important for Graphics/3D software assets). But since it’s work computer, FIX IP is kind of a temporary undesirable solution. And most important, for some reason when with fixed IP the PC doesn’t has access to internet

    And the harder one, PC can’t find the notebook on 2nd router at all, try to ping it’s IP on CMD just trigger time out error, as does ping the router itself ( So can’t access laptop’s shared folder in no way.

    Didn’t tested it, but can assume, since 2nd router itself isn’t accessible on computer connected to the 1st, that i can not access Xbox 360 by a device on the 1st router.

    **So finally, the question:**

    **Is there any way to make the network with the 2nd router act exactly like it did with just a single one. Accessing any device from any other device, independently from witch router each one is connected to?**

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