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    access drive to vpn through pda


    by lisat ·

    I have a Dell Axim running CE 5.0. I have created a very simple VPN connection using the Windows client on my Win XP Pro PC. I had to forward a port in my linksys router (has a static IP) to forward the VPN connection. I have configured the Axim to connect to the VPN (via PPTP). It connects. This is great and all, but now what? I do not know how to access any of the files on the VPN. The files do not show up in the “file explorer” of CE 5.0, and I can’t figure out how to map to a drive on my PC.

    An alternative could be to access the files from the PC. The PC is recognizing the incoming VPN connection. Any way to open the files from the connection?

    Another note to just say when I connect via USB, I use activeSync and my device shows up as “Mobile Device”, not a specific drive. ActiveSync is not recognizing the connection through the wireless VPN. I cannot figure out how to get this to work, so I am just moving on to accessing ANYTHING on the drive via VPN. However, maybe this information will help you to help me to torubleshoot??

    Any help or a point in the right direction (websites, anything??) would be EXTREMELY helpful!

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