Access error ~2335

By harry.newton ·
Access Error #2335

Access 2003. OS: Win XP Pro

For a client I have created a database to track customers details and purchases. I have designed a form for data entry, the form is tabbed, the first tab is Clients Details, the second is purchase details.

I have used one subforms to allow entry of date and amount, and to show the history of that client, the second subform is linked to a Query to show the total purchases for the client.

I have tested the database on my computers, it works as I wanted it to and have installed it on the clients peer server, where it is also fully functional, the same on another workstation.

The problem I am having is that the workstation that the data will be inputted from returns the error message when opening the form:

?You must use the same number of fields when you set the LinkChildFields and LinkMasterFields properties. You entered a different number of fields for one property than you did for the other.
If you use the Relationships command (Tools menu) to define a relationship between the tables underlying the form and subform, Microsoft Office Access will link the form and subform automatically and then set the LinkChildFields and LinkMasterFields properties.?

I have checked that the relationships are correct, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office on the workstation but still receive the error message. I have double checked that the options are set identically for all the workstation, but I can not resolve the problem.

Has anyone experienced this problem before, or have any suggestion which route I should go down to cure the problem?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Access error ~2335
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by Jacky Howe In reply to Access error ~2335

is a list that may help.

It looks like the child links.

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Re Here

by harry.newton In reply to Here

Thank you rrjmin0, I had found and have a copy the error # list. My problem is that the database works on all the computers at my client, except the one that is to be the input machine. Very strange, If the database was at fault, it wouldn't run on any of the machines.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Re Here

does look like it could be a problem with the PC.

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