Access Error Messages

By Dayle1011 ·
Hello Community,
I have two issues. First the background information. I have 2 databases that were created in Access 97. The databases were just upgraded to 2003, not by me, but the MIS department. Since that conversion, members of my team are experiencing the following error messages that never occurred before when multiple users are using the db's:
(1) DatabaseDB Can't save design changes or save to a new database object because another user has the file open. To save your design changes or to a new object, you must have exclusive access to the file.

(2) You don't have exclusive access to the database at this time. If you proceed to make changes, you may not be able to save them later.

Do you think this is happening because the databases were split and when the conversion happened not everything transferred over. Or somehow the security rights have changed? I know things are different from 97 to 2003 so any help will be appreciated. I'm beside myself. I can't see the problem

Pulling my hair out

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I don't know the cause

by Kenone In reply to Access Error Messages

but you can avoid both problems by opening the DB in exclusive mode if you're going to make form changes.
File|Open|Browse to database, then use the drop down box next to the Open button.

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Error Messages

by Dayle1011 In reply to I don't know the cause

Thank you for the suggestion, but this seems to happen when the db is opened by multiple users. The options of the db is in Shared Mode. Do you think it could be a lock promotion issue?

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