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Hello everybody,

I am using Access 2007 version and in my form I am using a label box with underlined option and click event and if I enter a single policy number(which I enter using the first form)and click the policy num it navigates to the third form and if I click one number from a list of policy numbers it goes to the third form but it does not display any records. Why? Any help in this will be much appreciable.
Thanking u.

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Try these out....

You should have a table of policy numbers attributable to each condition:

ConditionID (Primary Key Autonumber)

ConditionPolicyID (PK autonumber)
ConditionID (Foreign Key)

From there, you can have a combo that choses a Condition, then fill a textbox with all policy numbers that meet that condition.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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