Access: How do you merge data when you only have some of the fields

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I am sending off an address list to a service to check the list. I do not want to send them all the fields in my list since they are only verifying the addresses that are correct. So I query my list to show only Names and Addresses, not account numbers ETC ETC. I get the list of only the good names back. I want to take those names and merge the those entries back into the Address list with the other account info and such so I can only send out the addresses we have that are correct. I know I can find duplicates and merge data but how do I merge specific fields with the data I have. I am currently using account numbers as a primary key, should I just auto-number, make that the key and somehow use the key to sort the whole thing out adding a field "updated" so in the address list all the duplicate keys are positively updated...

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for all your posts and help to get me to this level of access work!


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Well if your service provider

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Access: How do you merge ...

Is happy to take and send back a key, then a primary key, autonumber is as good as anything.
Add a column verified to your main table.

Once you get the list back and imported.
UPdate verified to false, not or whatever

the SQL would be
Update Accounts set verified = 'N' or some such


Update Accounts set verified = 'Y' where MyAutoNumber in Select (MyAutoNumber from VerifiedAddresses)

It's a bit nasty, but if you aren't doing it too frequently.

A better way woudl be to add a verified accountstable, run stuuf from that, and then rebuild it each time you get a list through.

That would be a straight make table query from a join between rawaccounts and the verifiedlist

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