Access is CRAZY! Only two fields missing from query results.

By jsuess ·
The weirdest thing is happening with my Access database today. It was fine when I left yesterday, but this morning my query, which returned all the records it was supposed to, now leaves out two. The really strange part is that these two records have nothing in common and everything else related to this query is working perfectly. It's as if these two were deleted, but I checked. They're definitely in the tables. The only similarity between the two is in the date, 12/27/2007 and 1/7/2008. There's a seven in each, so I wondered if this was a glitch, but 12/17/2007 shows up as normal.

Has this happened to anyone else? What on earth could it be???

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Either database corruption or record locking weirdness

by robo_dev In reply to Access is CRAZY! Only two ...

Single user or multi-user DB?

Database not Y2K08 compliant? :>

I really doubt that the content of the record is part of the problem, but as a test, does another record with the same date get returned with the same query?

Time to compact/repair. Hope you have a good backup

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That was it!

by jsuess In reply to Either database corruptio ...

Compacted and repaired, got nothing, back-up wasn't current enough (changed those settings!), then restarted out of frustration. When I reopened the database, all fixed!!! Still don't quite know what happened, but glad it's done. Access must have just gone a little wacko for a day.

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