Access is denied error

By Jesus_C ·
Hi , i get an access is denied error when i try to change any thing in msconfig. It's my own personal pc running windows xp pro.Use simple file sharing is disabled , i've checked the mcafee firewall and repaired all registry settings.I've added and removed profiles and at one stage gave read and right permissions to all profiles in user accounts and the console.The settings in msconfig change all the time i edit but the error pops up still.I am the administrator and i do not expierience this problem anywhere else.I've also ruled out virus and trojan activity.The system is prestine other than this.

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If you are the administrator

by Dumphrey In reply to Access is denied error

and still getting errors in msconfig, you may have completely messed up your registry permissions. Open regedit and check to see that administrator has permissions to each hive. my bet is that your install is corrupt somehow.

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by Jesus_C In reply to If you are the administra ...

Do you know which hive in the registry actually controls the adnin for msconfig.The only thing i got on the internet was references to zonealarm and malware.I do know the cause which was the installation of mcafee firewall and antivirus through general reference on the net.So i think it is an association in the registry.

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2 places to check

by XT John In reply to definately

are the



Both places contain the information of what starts when you sign on. The Local Machine are items that wil lstart for every user, the Current User, only who has logged in that time.

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Thanks john

by Jesus_C In reply to 2 places to check

I'll have a look tonight

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Which hive

by Dumphrey In reply to definately

is not important as admin, you should have access to them all. to the good or ill of your system =\ Always back up your registry befor making changes. just make sure each main hive has admin fulla ccess and that its set to trickel down (replace on all child objects yadi yadi).


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Problem solved

by Jesus_C In reply to Access is denied error

It turned out that it is a mcafee security feature.After much net research , there is no way to disable it unless you uninstall the program.Stupid.Thanks for all your help anyway

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Which Mccafee program?

by Dumphrey In reply to Problem solved

because you can probably get rid of it and do better for very little cost. I despise Norton and Mcaffee both.. Dinosours that eat a ton of system resources and aren't rated significantly higher in VB 100% awards over smaller, leaner competition.

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Its mcafee security centre 2006

by Jesus_C In reply to Which Mccafee program?

I initially installed norton but it turned out that my computers sole existance was for norton , plus the fact that its useless.Im investigating bitdefender 10 at the moment,what do you think?

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