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By dabenesch ·
I have a database in access which has a main table and a products table. They are linked by a customer I.D. field (Primary Key).
I have 2 forms one is the main form and a products form there is a button to open the products form from the main form.
I would like to be able to open the products form and have it display the data related to the main form, That is, all the data is related but displayed on seperate forms.
Can anyone tell me how to do this?
I have the tables linked and I thought that's all I would need to do, but I guess not.

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Step by step, Creating Multitable Forms in MS Access

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Access issue
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Multiple Forms

by dabenesch In reply to Step by step, Creating Mu ...

Thanks for the help with the article. I tested the information and while it worked it was not exactly what I was looking for.
My first table is my customer table which has an entry form associated with it.
When I am finished entering the customer info I have a control button that opens the products form (Which has a products table in the background - 2 tables total).
I will enter info here too which would be associated with that customer record.
But when I review the data the products form doesn't not increment to the next record in the products form.
That is, information from the first record is displayed when I'm in the product form for the second record.
I could make a flat table with all my fields and just pick fields for every form, but I'm sure that's not efficient.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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