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Access losing links

By john_wills ·
I have an Access application with links to SQL Server tables. Every time I start the application I get error messages indicating inability to read the linked tables. When I have relinked everything works fine, but eventually I log off the application and get the same problem the next time I open the application. This has happened in Access 97, and in Access 2000 after conversion. It is not happening in my other Access applications, several of which link to SQL Server.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Access losing links

if you would post the exact error messages, we could look them up for you on support.microsoft.com knowledge base...

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by john_wills In reply to Access losing links

ODBC--connection to 'CC3_TEST' failed

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by OTL In reply to Access losing links

PER MSAccess 2000 help ODBC error messages;

I receive an ODBC error when opening a table or form in a converted database.
The error "ODBC ? connection to datasourcename failed" occurs when a table in your converted Microsoft Access version 1.x or 2.0 database is linked to an ODBC data source that uses a 16-bit driver manager and driver. Microsoft Access 2000 can open only linked ODBC data sources that use the 32-bit versions of the ODBC Driver Manager (Odbc32.dll) and the appropriate ODBC driver ? for example, the 32-bit version of Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver (Sqlsrv32.dll).

To correct this problem, you must create a new, identically-named 32-bit data source name (DSN) for each ODBC data source that is linked to the original 1.x or 2.0 database.

Click the Windows Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

Double-click the ODBC (32bit) icon (in Microsoft Windows 95 or later) or ODBC icon (in Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or later).

Create the new DSN by entering identical values to the original DSN. For example, for Microsoft SQL Server, you need to define at least Data Source Name and Server, but you may also need to define additional values such as the Database Name. More information about data sources.
If you are uncertain what the original name of the DSN was, open the original database in the version of Microsoft Access it was created with, open the linked table in Design view, and then display the Table Properties sheet. The table's Description property contains the definition for the ODBC connection string. The parameter following DSN= in the connection string is the name of the DSN. To view the rest of the DSN's definition, open Windows Control Panel in Windows 95 or later, double-click the ODBC icon (not the ODBC (32bit) icon). In the Data Sources (Driver) list, click the name of the DSN, and then click Setup to view the DSN's definition.

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by john_wills In reply to

This isn't the problem: I can relink easily enough, so there is no incompatibility; the problem is that I need to relink every time I open the application.

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by OTL In reply to Access losing links

That is correct you are relinking to the same 16 bit data source and not a new 32 bit source, so you will have to relink every time you open the application.

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