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Access Mailing Labels Form

By sschaper ·
I'm a newbie to access, and my boss has put me in charge of building a database of contacts for our company. One of the uses of this would be mailing brocures. I followed the directions given in Susan Harkins tutorial "How do I... Select records for a dynamic label report in Access" from this website. The Form when open in Form View looks great, and brings up the correct information, but the check box is not selectable. When I click on the box, no check mark comes up, and in the bottom left of my screen it says "this recordset is not updateable". I am not sure what I missed. Thanks in advance.

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Life is all about relationships

by geoff.birch In reply to Access Mailing Labels For ...

From the limited information stated, sounds like you are running the report from a query linking two tbles where there is no relationship set up.

Not sure what the purpose of the 'check box' is, but I'm guessing it might be to select recipients to get mailed?

If the Db is going to be a cornerstone of customer comms, you need to map out the requirements on paper to make sure you dont go down a cul-de-sac. If its just for mailing labels, then you might be as well using on the oft dreaded built-in Access sltion databases.

Hope that helps a bit, if not post more info

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