Access MC C Problem

By maxpowers410 ·
Hi Guys,
Am makeing a new database with access. I remeber being good at it in school, and I really enjoy it. However I cant rember one small thing, I want to have one table whos PK is linked to severl FKs of a different single table.
E.G.: Table Friend: Stefan, Nigel
Table Hobbies: Swimming, Fishing, Kickboxing, Guitar.

Now if I want Stefan to have more than one hobby, how do I do that??

Max :)

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A couple options

by Shellbot In reply to Access MC C Problem

make a couple columns in the Friend table.
Hobby1, Hobby2, Hobby3

Insert ID from Hobbies table into the cols?

Or are you thinking of doing it some fancy pants way?

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intermediate table

by john.a.wills In reply to Access MC C Problem

Introduce a table PersonsHobby with columns
personID aznd HobbyID. You can put it as a scrolling subform on your main form.

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