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access my computer throuht router

By mostafa90 ·
well hi every budy ... stright to the point... i have a dsl throught network (lan) which is passed throught router... the questionis how can i access my pc from a cyber or from another computer out side the lan... haow can i pass through 2 ips do enter my pc????!!! ... thanks a lot..

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by dustyD In reply to access my computer throuh ...

Well, generally, you can use GotoMyPC, or Symantec's PCAnywhere. If both of the PC's you will be using are running XP, then you can also use RemoteDesktop.
Since I have not personally used the first two above, I will concentrate on RDC. To use, you need to have a static IP address configured on the PC you want to connect to. Your router will have to be able to forward RDP sessions to the IP address you setup. Use port-forwarding options in your router setup, and enable port 3389 to be forwarded to your static IP address.
You also need to know the public IP address of your router, which is not always easy if your ISP assigns dynamic IP addresses.
To make this easier, I use FollowMEIP from After setting up a free account, you can download and setup to upload your current IP address to their server. You can access by logging in and viewing your recent IP addresses obtained by your home PC. ( you need the info to connect using Remote Desktop.)

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by dustyD In reply to

You use XP's Remote Desktop Connection. (Start/Programs/Accessories/Communications/Remote Desktop) You must enter the IP address of the computer you want to connect to, which is why I mentioned that you need to know the public IP of your router. You must also enable connections on the PC you want to connect TO. Through ControlPanel/System/Remote, check the box 'allow user to connect remotely to this computer'

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by RogMJ007 In reply to access my computer throuh ...

What's your OS? If it's XP,you can allow remote management. Right-click on "My Computer" go to the Remote Management tab and check Remote Assistance. Afterwards, configure your router to (via the Application page) allow port 3389 to pass your router and send it to the IP address of the machine you want to remotely access.

Windows 2000 Server requires you to install the terminal server option onto your computer.

Understand there are security risks associated with this concept. You should give yourself a STRONG password and a unique userid (do not use administrator). Hope this helps.

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by mostafa90 In reply to access my computer throuh ...

well sounds good to manage throught windows xp... but how can i control my pc .... what program i use to interfeer throught it a program inside windows or throught website...sorry i am new in this field

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