access my lab remotely

By tchanga1941 ·
Hello Everyone,
I have verizon fios and was not able to get a static ip , and would like to know how i can use the DHCP thru my firewall (ASA 5505)and be able to access my lab from everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!

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by LarryD4 In reply to access my lab remotely

First off you can't use your DHCP server through your firewall. Verizon will get all sorts of ticked off and you might even mess up theirs.

So from what I can gather you just want to be able to access your PC's from the road. I would setup VNC on one of your PC's in the lab and just foward the ports for that PC. Then you can use VNC viewer to access your PC's in your lab.

If you really want a true connection to your in house lab you will have to look in to a VPN connection.

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by StealthWiFi In reply to access my lab remotely

If you didn't want to use VNC or VPN you could also use LogMeIn (

It's free and work's great. Super easy to use.


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by LarryD4 In reply to LogMeIn

Never used that I'll have to check it out.

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Yah i love it

by StealthWiFi In reply to Really

They have more features you can pay for but the basic version works great. Runs as a service and you just jump to their secure site, log in and connect to your box. That's it, no port forwarding or hassle.


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