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By hujonathan ·
Hi, I'm a novice with networks and have a question regarding setting up a Netgear WN-802T access point.

There is a T1 ( local IP) > DLink DSS-16+ switch with a DSL line > Linksys BEFSR81 Router

IP (local IP
Default Gateway
DNS servers for our host.
DHCP Disabled and the starting IP is ranged to for connected devices.
Computers that are connected to the router have as their default gateway and DNS.

Where do I connect this AP to get internet access only and with what settings? I have tried to setup the AP's IP within the range, outside of the range with no resolution. How do I not allow access to files on my wired computers?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Access Point is what the name implies.

by CG IT In reply to Access Point Help

so it provide wireless connections to the network. It does nothing else.

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so no internet allowed, only file access is what you're saying?

by hujonathan In reply to Access Point is what the ...

so i can't gain access to the internet with an access point, but i can only access my files?

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not saying no internet saying what an Access point does

by CG IT In reply to so no internet allowed, o ...

an access point does not provide routing services, is provide a wireless method of connecting to the network like a cable provides a method of connection to the network.

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i understand that

by hujonathan In reply to not saying no internet sa ...

I can appreciate that explanation. What is the solution to give internet access wirelessly? i meant to say that the AP is wireless.

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Still need help with settings

by hujonathan In reply to Access Point Help

I appreciate the explanation CGIT. What is the solution to getting my access point connected? Can anyone help me with settings so I can get people connected?

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Not an expert, but...

by cpcarl In reply to Access Point Help

I'll throw my two cents in anyway.

OK, so from what I understand, you have ISP-router1-switch1-router2 in your setup, and you want to hook up a WAP that will allow access to the Internet, but not to any part of the internal network.

Connect the AP to router1 and set the port to an unused subnet (say like /24). Then set the AP's address to to match your new subnet. Then set your SSID to whatever you like.

Assuming that router1 is providing DHCP, and you haven't enabled any security to your AP (bad idea), any wireless client that comes into range should be able to pick up the SSID and connect to the AP, and thus the Internet. If router1 is not providing DHCP, then wireless clients would have to manually enter a static IP address that matches the subnet, and the default gateway manually in order to connect.

Here is where I'm not so sure about things. If router1 is setup for static routing, then I beleive that you can't reach the internal network, as there is no route set between the AP's subnet and your internal network. But if router1 is setup for dynamic routing, then I guess you'd have to configure the router to block traffic from the AP on the port to your internal network (

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I'll give it a go

by hujonathan In reply to Not an expert, but...

Thanks CPCarl I'll try this out. I can't take any of the internet lines down b/c this is a restaurant and many POS systems are running into the switch and into the router separately.

The setup is actually ISP > switch > router 1. I'll put router 2 and the APs connected to it on a different subnet than router 1.

I'll keep you posted and thanks again for your help.

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