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By lesleyfrogers ·
I live in an older home with plaster and wire lath walls and brick between floors. Not good for wireless networks. I have wired most of the house with CAT 5 but I also have wireless access using a wireless router and 2 access points. I am not an IT expert and I use trial and error and lots of web searching to figure it out ...

The router is in the basement and it also is the connection point for the wired network. The SSID is "basement".

The first access point is on the first floor. that SSID is "first floor". The second access point is on the second floor with an SSID of "second floor". Depending on where the wireless user is they connect to the SSID that gives the best signal.

The problem is with the access point on the first floor. It is in a room (kitchen) that is about 28 feet long. If the wireless PC is within about 2 feet of the access point it shows an "excellent" signal. Move about 10 feet away and it drops to "very good". Move to the other side of the room, about 25 feet away and the signal drops to "very low".

It makes no sense to me that an access point can't reach across an open room 25 feet away with a great signal.

All wireless are on seaprate chanels. I'm currently using channel 6 for the "basement", channel 3 for "first floor" and channel 1 for the "second floor".

Any advice?

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Overlapping Channels

by rjluvkc In reply to Access Point Signal

For 802.11B/G (2.4Ghz) you need to use non-overlapping channels. These include 1,6, and 11. I notice you are running on channel 3 for First Floor. Try changing the channel on that one to 11, and see if you get some positive results.

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That Helped

by lesleyfrogers In reply to Overlapping Channels

I changed the first floor to channel 11 and it seems better. The signal strength is still very sensitive to small changes in location, but it now goes from "excellent" to "good" rather than to "very low".
Thanks for your help!

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Good to hear

by rjluvkc In reply to That Helped

Another thought here, some access points allow you to adjust power levels. 10mw to 100mw etc... some dont. If it does have this adjustment, ensure they are the highest levels. Good luck!

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It isn't really clear to me

by tintoman In reply to Access Point Signal

why you want to broadcast on 3 different channels, because if you broadcast on the same channel on each WAP you could freely move around the house and hopefully pick up the signal more or less anywhere.
In any case you need to check that you computer in the kitchen is configured to receive on channel 3 as it is now.
There are many factors that might affect the strength of the wireless signal, steel joists, radiators, steel fridge, cooker etc etc can all have an effect that is why wireless systems do not function too well in a car showroom for example.

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Channel Selection

by lesleyfrogers In reply to It isn't really clear to ...

I once received advice that I should set up different SSID and different channels for the different WAPs. I will try making them all the same channel.
You are correct that the kitchen may be causing problems -- lots of stainless steel -- but I would hope that the signal could make it 25 feet in an open room!

Thanks for the suggestions.

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same channel?

by rjluvkc In reply to It isn't really clear to ...

I do not recommend ap's that are in close proximity to run on the same channel. It creates an overlap and increases interference. I would recommend having all aps setup with the same SSID and security so that you can roam from ap to ap without having to disconnect and reconnect.
Please see this article:,295208,sid63_gci995841,00.html

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same SSID?

by lesleyfrogers In reply to same channel?

OK, I'll switch it all to the same SSID and give that a try. I had received advice previously that they should be different. It's a pain in the neck but I thought it was necessary. Thanks again for your help!

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Your call

by rjluvkc In reply to same SSID?

I would try it both ways and give it a shot...go with what you prefer.

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