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Access: Problems obtaining data

By Marshwiggle ·
I am working through Que's "Using Microsoft Access 200, Special Edition", in the section in Chapter 20 on using the Pivot Table Wizard. I followed the steps for creating a query, then a new form using the Wizard, but when I get near the end, and the last dialog is displayed with a newly opened Excel workbook, I click the Layuot button as directed and get the message "Prolbems obtaining data", and can get no further.

Microsoft has a Knowledge Base article on this message, but it only relates to parameter queries, and my query has no parameters. I've also found indications on the Web that a lot of of other people have also run into this problem, with Access 97 - 2003 ... but no solutions.

Does anybody know what's going on here?

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google yielded:

by robo_dev In reply to Access: Problems obtaini ...

Go into the design view of the linked query. Replace the prototype date with
[Choose Date], including the []. Test and enjo

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Then what?

by Marshwiggle In reply to google yielded:

I tried this, even though it creates a parameter query, which Microsoft says is the cause of the problem.

I got an input box, of course, saying "Choose Date" and entered the date range as "Between 1/1/1997 and 12/31/1997", and "Between #1/1/1997# and #12/31/1997#", both of which yielded a single blank row when I ran the query by itself.

I took the whole DB to the office and tried it in Office 2003 (which will be the eventual production environment), and it did result in a Pivot Table, but apparently in 2003 Access pivot tables are not longer edited in Excel and saved back to Access, so it looks like I'll be better off just importing the data to Excel and proceeding from there, though that will be cumbersome.

Thanks for trying.

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