Access - rectangle with additional info

By eckardtk ·

I have several date/time type fields and I want to place a rectangle around this group of fields. But, I also would like to include the required date format into to top of the rectangle. How can I accomplish this?

--------dd--- mm----yyyy------
| |
| text box |

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If this is a FORM...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Access - rectangle with a ...

If this is an HTML FORM, you can use the FIELDSET and LEGEND tags to enclose the text box.

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Easiest route

by Maevinn In reply to Access - rectangle with a ...

Draw the rectangle, then add a label. You can group the items together so they'll all move as a unit for layout changes.

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rectangle with date format

by eckardtk In reply to Easiest route

Hallo Maevinn,
this is certainly something I can do (and may well end up doing).

I had seen an example where the date format was made part of the the rectangle itself and it looked quite instructive to me. So, I wondered whether something like that would require writing code (what I cannot do).

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by Maevinn In reply to rectangle with date forma ...

The rectangle feature does not include any sort of display option.

I don't understand what you mean when you say it was part of the rectangle? Can you post a screen shot?

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screenshot - how to ?

by eckardtk In reply to Depends

Hallo Maevinn,
I am glad you asked that question. Now, I know there must be a way to post screenshots here. But, how will I go about it ?

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Upload and link

by Maevinn In reply to screenshot - how to ?

Upload it to someplace like photobucket and then post a link. No way to embed, just link.

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rectange with date format

by eckardtk In reply to Upload and link

Hallo Maevin
I tried the phobucket and I believe I got the screenshot into the system. Not sure where the following link leads to:

If it works, it's the sample in the middle that I want to immitate.

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Yep, Rectangle, with Labels

by Maevinn In reply to rectange with date format

They drew the rectangle, and then labels were created for the text, and then placed on top of the rectangle.

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