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By kris ·
Hi All,

I have 2 sonicwall routers with a site-to-site VPN up and running, that side of it is fine.

The main site has ISA 2004 which is used to translate RDP to a terminal server on the internal network, that also works fine.

But i want the PC's on the remote network to be able to access server shares on the local computer as well. They can ping the server, DNS seems fine, if they type in \\servername\share, they are prompted for the username and password (as expected), but there is no way that the username and password will be accepted from the external listner in ISA 2004.

I have tried creating a new network for the other site range and giving it full access, i have tried the basic rule for full access to the server. I think i have tried everything.

When running a query on the log when the authentication takes place, it attempts to use port 80 to the server and is denied from no particular rule.

So what i basically need to do, is somehow translate any packets from the remote network to think it is entering an internal network rather than an external one.(although creating a new network for the remote site with internal access does not work.)

I have a feeling the only way possible is to drop the sonicwall site to site VPN, and run it from ISA to remote site sonicwall.
But i'm not sure if it's possible, how to do it and if i can afford the downtime in configuring it.

Any suggestions?

Much appreciated.


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