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Access report exported has blank lines

By p99lang ·
Exported as text. It is parameter weekly report activated from a button. Can VBA or other programming aid be used to remove the extra Carriage Returns and Line Feeds. The first line is also blank. Report has subreport and the main report has groupheader for OrderID and detail band for Order Details. The most extra lines are in the detail band asa not all products for that OrderID are in the report but filtered out.

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Access report exported has blank lines

by donq In reply to Access report exported ha ...

Every object in an Access report has "Can Grow" and "Can Shrink" properties that can be set to enable cursor scrolling when there is a lot of text, or enabme filed omission when there is no text (IF THE BLANK FIELD IS THE ONLY FIELD ON A LINE)?

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Access report exported has blank lines

by p99lang In reply to Access report exported ha ...

I added Can Shrink and Can Grow to each object in all sections whether hidden or not and still getting blank lines. I can send you part of the report with the data so you can see for yourself.

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Access report exported has blank lines

by maxwell edison In reply to Access report exported ha ...

There are two possibilities.

Answer 1:

The report format determines what is printed and how it is arranged on the page. If the report format has not been set up, then blank pages will be printed.

Go to the Reports Menu and select "Report Maintence" option. On the Report Maintenance screen click on the EDIT button. This will display the Report Setup screen. The upper portion of the screen shows how information will be arranged on the page when it is printed. If the upper portion of the screen is blank, you need to setup this report format.

Answer 2:

If you are running either a Windows or the WIN'95/98/ME version of OYC, be sure that the correct printer driver is selected. You can check this by going to the "File" menu in OYC and selecting the Printer Setup option.

If the wrong printer is selected, you may get blank pages or pages with "garbage" printed on them.

(continued ....)

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Access report exported has blank lines

by maxwell edison In reply to Access report exported ha ...

The report format tells your computer what lines you want printed and how you want them arranged on the page. A report format must be setup and selected before a report can be printed. OYC includes several reports formats you can use or you can create your own.

To set up a report format (or modify an existing report format) do the following:

1) Go to the Reports Menu and select the "Report Maintenance" option. Click on the "Edit Report" button to modify an existing report format. Click on the "New" button to create a new report format. In either case the next screen you'll see is the Report Setup Screen.

The upper portion of this screen represents the page on which the report will be printed. Lines from your catalog are positioned on this portion of the screen in the locations where you wish them to print on the paper.

The lower section of the Report Setup screen is a control panel. The controls on this panel are used to select and position lines from your catalog.
To set up a new report format, use the "Name" box in the control panel to select a field you want to print as a part of the report. Then move the cursor to the upper part of the screen and click at the location where you wish that field to be positioned.

The "# Lines" box is used to set the number of lines that will be printed. Not all lines need to contain fields to be printed. The above shows that the report will be printed using one line. This means all the informationfor each entry printed will be printed across the page on a single line. This will result in the information being in columns.

The "Width" box sets the number of characters that will be used to print the select field. On the above screen the "FIGURE'S NAME" field is selected and it's width is set to 25 characters.

Good luck,


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