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Access Reports in XP

By LF King ·
I have a table with four columns in which I've listed donations made by individuals. Each entry has a batch Number assigned. I've run a query on the table to get the total for each heading (Donations, Luminaries, Team Regisitration, Corporate Sponsor) and each of those sum in the query. I developed a report to cover these and get the information to come over.
What I can't get is a formula that will total the four columns together as a grand total.
Closet I've got is a #error. Most time it display nothing.
Formula I entered is =[Donation]+[Luminaries]+[Team Registration]+[Corporate Sponsor]

Any suggestions

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by techrep In reply to Access Reports in XP

Assume that you're displaying each total field in a text box with the following names: TxtDonation, TxtLuminaries, TxtRegistration, TxtSponsor. Then use the Report object to total these text boxes like this:

=(Report.TxtDonation + Report.TxtLuminaries + Report.TxtRegistration + Report.TxtSponsor)

Put that statement in the controlsource property for the textbox displaying the column totals.

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by Alpha48 In reply to Access Reports in XP

The formula is almost correct. It should be =sum([fieldname]+[fieldmane]+[fieldmane]+[fieldname]), notice the ()placement...but most importantly it must be located in the report footer. Go to VIEW and pick that option and place the sum formula in a text box. The Northwind example database reports in design view will help.


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by LF King In reply to

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by LF King In reply to Access Reports in XP

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