Access Runtime is slow on Terminal Server

By agoaks ·
I am installing a Windows 2008 64 bit terminal server. I need it to run an Access database using Access runtime 2007. I have installed Access runtime 2007 but the queries are taking 3 to 4 times longer on the terminal server than on the XP workstations. I even tried coping the MDE and the MDB directly to the terminal server but it runs just as slow. Any help? Big thanks! Andy

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Can't say I ever tried doing that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Access Runtime is slow on ...

not sure I even would either. Your comment about moving the the database onto the server was moderately surprising as not doing that would make moving the run time massively pointless. Not sure why it's going that much slower on the server though. Have you tried it direct i.e run the access app on the console. ie are the queries taking four times as long or is it taking for times as long to show the results on the client?

Aside from it being a bit too greedy resource wise and getting squeezed by per process quota limits, I can't think of any particular reason why it should n't work. Please bear in mind it's going to be just as flakey multi user wise as it would if you sited the mdb on any accessible drive in your network.

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