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By ffontan1 ·
Can you tell me how to convert an Access 97 database too Access 2003? I have tried to do this through the Help Section and I have also gone to the Microsoft web site without being able to do this.

Can you give me detailed steps on how to accomplish this?

1) Do I compile ACCESS 97 data first in ACCESS 97 and where or in ACCESS 2003. ?

2) When and where do I convert my in access 97 database folder or a file. ?

I need step by step.?

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Re: Access to convert

by reggie.benito In reply to Access to convert

hi there,

as far as i know you can open any access database/project by simply doing this step. (1) click 'file' / 'open' then (2) in the open dialog box make sure your 'look in:' is in the proper folder before you change the 'files of type' into 'Microsoft Office Access Database' or whatever suits you. (3) now you should be able to see your database in the files.

compiling your access '97 data will give you two sets of files, one [fname].MDB & the other one [fname].MDE. is this what you want? kindly clarify why you want to convert your database/project.

i've been using access since its 97 version until 2003 version. i'm currently trying out the 2007 version and am liking it.

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To convert Acces 97 to Access 2002

by abadillo In reply to Re: Access to convert

Hello Benito:
Have you converted an Access database from 97 to 2002? I have a couple of Access 97 databases that need to be converted to Access 2002. This databases run in a network. The Server is a Windows Server 2003 and the clients are Windows XP Pro. Before, the server was a Windows NT Server and the clients were Windows NT. Now, when I converted the first database to Access 2002, I got this message "Microsoft Access cannot opoen this file. This file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site. Microsoft Access will not open the file due to potential security problems".
I already turned off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security on the server, but no avail. I have been reading that now on Access 2002 you can not just open a database from a client, but you got to create some kind of ASP to access the data. So now you got to know FrontPage in order to access data in a database on a network? This is incredible.
If you have had this problem please tell me how you work around it or any option.


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You're problem is not about Access conversion

by reggie.benito In reply to To convert Acces 97 to Ac ...

first of all, i would just like to ask if you are a "kababayan" (a fellowmen in philippines) because your name sounds like one. if not, my apologies.

also, sorry for the late reply. i've been very busy with the holidays and still am suffering from hang overs. lol.

to answer, your main issue is not on the conversion of access but on your server/client platform policy because i've done plenty of conversion from access 97 to access xp (2002). kindly check first with your network admin if he/she has allowed certain permissions on the folder(s) or even files since the error you mentioned is really more on network security. you'll find out that there's nothing wrong with your conversion as soon as this issue is cleared.

also, there's no need for you to adjust internet explorer settings since this has nothing to do with your access database project in the first place.

about accessing your database from the client, that would depend on your usage. if you are using your database within several pcs then the data access page would suffice. otherwise, if it would be on an intranet environment and you want to use IE and don't wish to install access on every client that would use the database then ASP is for you. again, i'd be glad to show you some asp snippets or even discuss some methodologies i've done which is quite similar with your issue if you wish.

lastly, if you would entrust me your access databases. kindly email it to me (minus the data, of course, or whichever you prefer) and i'll convert and email it back to you. should you have any more questions you may email me here or even directly at this addy "". i'd be glad to help you out on this.

to everybody here at TechRepublic, a belated Happy New Year to all!

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Access 2003 Conversion Tool Kit

by onbliss In reply to Access to convert

Microsoft has a Access 2003 Conversion Tool Kit for download; it helps in preparation for the eventual conversion.

Here are some useful links:

1)Converting an Access file:

2)Migrating to Access 2003:**6581033.aspx

3)Conversion toolkit:

I would recommend the following:
1) Backup your 97 database (again backup. again backup :-) )
2) Run the conversion tool kit to get an idea of things are and going to become.
3) Convert following instructions in the first link (essentially it boils down to compacting & compiling and then opening 97 in 2003)

good luck.

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by scott_heath In reply to Access to convert

Access had evolved in different ways than other Office apps and because of this more complicated databases take some recoding. I worked with a company that had extremely complex databases and we brought in a contractor who specialized in Access database conversions. Simple ones with just data typically convert fine in my experience.

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for ffontan1@...

by reggie.benito In reply to Access to convert

hi there, ffontan1...

have you solved this problem yet? if not and you would entrust me your database then you could email me your database, i'll try to convert it for you.

you can email me on my gmail account.


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I have the same problem

by sonjakc In reply to for ffontan1@...

Just wanna know how to use ASP to convert??
I have a access database 97 which need to convert to access 2003, do I need to rewrite it? It say i dont have permiss to do it

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