Access to Email Boxes

By kiranchinnu ·
Hi all,
Hope some one will help me.

I have 5 colleagues working in systems dept.
all r domain admins.
I want to know how can restrict I some of them not to access the email of everyone. for example: domain admin
have access to all the email boxes of all users either by OWA or by adding their mail boxes to their outlook .

Pls advice.

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Perhaps they shouldn't all be domain admins?

by seanferd In reply to Access to Email Boxes

Of course, you could change the default domain admin rights, but then you'd need to create a "domain+" user/group that really has all the rights.

Probably easier to just drop these 5 people down a peg.

Or run mail on a separate domain, where they aren't admins.

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I agree with seanferd ..... But I would add....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Access to Email Boxes

At the very minimum, demote them so they do not have domain admin rights. They're abusing the privilege.

If it were me though, I would see to it they were fired instantly. There are far too many honest people looking for a job and these people don't deserve to have one.

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thank u

by kiranchinnu In reply to I agree with seanferd ... ...

I dont have problem with honest , but want to cut down the security risk if any higher officals knows abt it. they will not be happy.

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I think they SHOULD know about it........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to thank u

The higher officials SHOULD know about it immediately because they could possibly hold YOU responsible when they DO find out, and they WILL eventually find out. Go to them right now and tell them what you have recently discovered. Tell them your options: (1) demote them so they do not have the domain admin password (change it) or (2) fire them. Let the higher officials make the decision.

Even though you don't think these people are being dishonest, I can tell you that what they are doing is, at the very least, unethical. The very fact that you know about it and do not do something about it, or at least tell the higher officials, makes you just as guilty as the ones who are performing the unethical deed itself.

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