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access to free e-mail services denied

By gaur ·

They've disabled access to free e-mail services like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. in my office. Now I don't waste too much time too often accessing my mail, and if I didn't live so far away from the city, I'd have my own personal net connection at home. But I do, hence I don't. Need help - how do I access these sites (maybe by going to another site which allows me to access these mail sites through it).

P.S. I can't search for this on Google - they've blocked some key words in the proxy - so no GET requests with the word 'mail' gets through. Not that it would've helped too much - I suck at Google search.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...

The usual questions in this forum are about securing the corporate network and blocking certain websites like Hotmail to prevent viruses and Trojans getting inside the LAN.

Are there not any internet cafes near your workplace?

If you have a work related reason why you need to use email, or if you need access because of personal circumstances like a relative overseas, go and talk to your supervisor.

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by parthiv_13 In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...

You can get the software from the link I am providing. It will help your purpose. Also there is a link over there for FREE try it also.

Good Luck.

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by boomio In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...

This worked for somebody I know for their hotmail account. If you go to "", the enter your email address and password there and that might get you in. Sorry, I got no answers for the other sites

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by tuns99 In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...

Have you tried to access hotmail via passport?

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by JEPott In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...

I personally have to agree with Toivo Talikka. try talking to your manager/supervisor to see if there is anything that can be done for you.

I would caution against trying to go around what the network admins have set up - I do network administration and have some similar blocks set up due to viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc... that can get in and infect the system - If I caught someone trying to go around the blocks that have been put in place then that users ID would be locked and reported to the manager/supervisor for inappropriate action (and I've done it). If you want/need access to other email accounts, then simply ask and you may be suprised at the result.

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by gaur In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...


Although I agree with the spirit of your comments wherein the suggestion is to go and ask for permission for my user ID to access e-mail accounts, my approach to this problem is somewhat different.

I know I will get access to the mail account if I ask for it. Almost all of the reason behind that will be because of the designation I hold, or simply the fact that I am pretty good pals for the IT Head. I know there isn't a valid reason for most people, myself included, to access free e-mail websites, apart from accessing personal e-mail during office hours. But I don't want to do that. I want to figure out a way around this - and if and when I do - I know I'll be the first to go and tell IT that 'hey, i found out a way to get around it' and since I found out, I'm gonna use it. And I have a feeling no one will stop me. I just don't want to ask for permission and get it - no fun in doing that.

Dunno if it makes sense. But that's the way it is.

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by bdragomir In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...

huh :) so you're going to be a rebel :))) well the way to circumvent their security policy (one thing I WOULD RESPECT IT), is to access your email using a secured connection most probably hey blocked yahoo, hotmail but not https so you could use gmail for example, or there are a million websites that offer free email so you can forward your email there. Please think twice before violating your company policy with regard to internet usage...THEY MIGHT BE LOGGING AND AUDITING inet traffic believe me is not worthed to loose your job for this.
your choice thou

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by oldbag In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...

This probably company policy and you should not attempt to circumvent the settings. Your network administrator did not block these sites because they wanted to be mean to users but to protect the network and equipment. In our company's written computer policy, it specifically states that only corporate email accounts are allowed. Check your company policy on this and I am sure that your management has done the same.

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by Matthew Yurksaitis In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...

While I, and apparently others who have posted understand your plight I would tend to agree with posts which caution you against finding "a way around" the restrictions in place. Most of these restrictions have been implemented due to worms and malicious attacks which are launched through vulnerabilities in these IM services. Chances are besides this being a company policy bieng implemented, is that it is also being monitored for violations and attempted break throughs or circumventions. Unless accessing your personal email is really more valuable than keeping your job, you may want to reconsider this approach. It might be worth the few minutes of "break time" to get to your nearest local hotspot to do this. - Just a friendly thought from someone who has seen the results of the implementation and enforcement of these policies carried out.

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by wlbowers In reply to access to free e-mail ser ...

Just another thing to think about. If they are locking that stuff down.

They could have the proxy set to log everything you do.

How much have you been trying.


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