access to my neighbours wireless signal

By grantmclaren ·
I was staying with my neighbour before I moved into my new flat. He gave me access to wireless now I'm staying next door I still have his signal. Is it illegal to use it until I get my internet sorted out?

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perfectly legal

by scotdenman In reply to access to my neighbours w ...

Since he has "granted" you access, it is perfectly legal to connect to his router until he says otherwise. However morally you may want to let him know so he has a chance to decide.

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Now you said it

by mrlaw10 In reply to access to my neighbours w ...

While I would never phrase anything as "perfectly legal" without 500 disclaimers, here is my take. Who is going to come after you? Of course the big players for internet access want you to belly up to the bar and buy your own access of course. I love how they market "security issues" as a reason to lock down your wireless. Heck I don't have anything on my hard drive that anyone would want much less some smart hacker wasting his time to find...what one credit card that is maxed out! I think not!

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