access to old files from different os

By gozila5 ·
i have recently installed a new version of xp pro and installed it as a new os. but when i try to acces the data from my ole user account it tells me that the access is denied. this would not be a problem if i didnt put a password on the account before i installed the new os. which i belive is why it will not let me in, this theory is because i am able to access all the other users data. this is a problem because i am now in the situation where i have a new windows and no data and no programs and i have used up all my hdd space on the old user (which i cannot access to delete or move the files) so have no space left for the new user.
this is a strange problem that i am sure i have caused somwhere alng the installation process but i have backed up the data on an ext.drive but have no space on the hdd to move it back into. but i would be happy enough to just wipe the hdd clean of all its data, but when i try to format it, the machine tells me that my acces is denied.
any help you could offer would be very much useful.
thank you very much.

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file system

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to access to old files from ...

This error occurs when an old operating system has fat 32 file system and the new one is ntfs.In any case you cannot run other programmes on a second operating system from the first as the file associations are only with that particular operating system.The programmes have to be installed on an individual basis.Im a bit confused by your installation techniques as you did not mention dual boot

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not file system

by webbcm In reply to file system

it is not a problem of different file systems. it is ownership of files. i had a small problem with this (a couple times actually, i have 6 os's on my machine now and have switched versions of xp a couple times from x64 to home then back again) everytime i have ot refer to this page since i jusa cant get it stuck in my head anyway this should help:


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