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Access to SQL Conversion

By cat873 ·
We have three ms access databases that support our billing systems. I have converted the backend to SQL server. I did this with the Upsizing Tool provided by MS Access and have migrated the data with MS SQL DTS. This is a test version of the production database. But now that most of this is done and ready to go into production. I find that I have a lot of questions about SQL server and would like some outside consulting support to help me with the actual end testing, conversion to production and would like to have on going support in case the SQL server crashes. I don't know how to tell my boss this and I can't tell him how long I think it would take for a consultant to help me with this. I am the one person IT support for a small company.

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I 'm stuck

by cat873 In reply to Access to SQL Conversion

All I'm really wanting advice on is if people think it would be wise to get an outside consultant to help me on this project or buck up and do it myself. Half the time I don't know if what I am doing is correct it's just an educated guess and in those situations nothing went wrong that I could not handle. It's just that this is a big project and I have no previous experience with MS SQL Server.

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Free Access To SQL Analyzer check it out

by howardro In reply to I 'm stuck

If you're looking to convert an Access Application to a SQL Server backend then you have to ensure that you're queries and objects are ANSI-92 compliant. This company, Expert Database Solutions, has released a nifty tool that generates a report of queries and objects that require modification and what needs to be changed. Well, I think it's worth a download.

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A very prudent step

by Ramon Padilla Jr. In reply to Access to SQL Conversion

I think what you are asking for is a very prudent step and I think your boss will appreciate your caution. It is one thing to upsize your data, it is another to insure that your SQL server is configured correctly to make sure you have continued smooth operations with your billing systems.
Simply put a memo together to your boss (I believe in writing things like this down so you can come back to it later to prove you asked) and tell him/her that while you have made the pre-liminary steps to improve your billing operations by moving the back end to SQL Server, you think it would be wise to have some expert help to look over your plan, validate your SQL Server setup, and help you with the move to production. Explain that by not doing so, the company runs the risk of potentially having their billing operations interrupted, thus causing lost time and money. Get a quote for an hourly and daily rate from some local companies that have SQL server consultants on staff then prepare a best case worst case estimate. Given the information you have provided, my guess is that your best case would be 2 to 3 days of work and worst case is 7 days provided you have a qualified consultant. I assume the consultant would look at your server, verify that it (SQL Server) is installed properly, is patched correctly, is tuned accordingly and have the proper security and other parameters set and can handle the proposed load. Once that is done, they would then work with you on your migration scenario. All very doable in a couple of days.

Hope this helps!


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