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Access to unauthorised website

By natterjack ·
HI, Can any tell me how could I access to a website which is blocked by local authorities.


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by mrafrohead In reply to Access to unauthorised we ...

just find one and enjoy...

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by apotheon In reply to Access to unauthorised we ...

What kind of authorities? Why are they "blocking" it? How is it being blocked? Why do you want to get in?

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by LiamE In reply to Huh?

Its Gary Glitter under a new pseudonym I reckon.

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Who dat?

by apotheon In reply to Its.....

I'm not familiar with "Gary Glitter", I'm afraid. Perhaps that's a good thing.

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Who dat??

by LiamE In reply to Who dat?

Google him.

British 70's glam rock star.

With a penchant for kiddie porn.

Wanna be in my gang? Well no, now you come to mention it.

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Who dat???

by house In reply to Who dat??

Gary Glitter's a freak. I don't think I've ever even heard his stuff.. but he tends to show up quite a bit when you go through the history of rock.

I'm embarassed to even know about the guy.

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Who dat????

by LiamE In reply to Who dat???

The real scary thing is that he has sold more records in the UK than.... Frink Sinatra, U2, Prince, Cher, Janet Jackson and Bryan Adams to name but a few.

'Do you wanna touch me?' No Gary, it make me fell dirty and I'll tell my parents if you do it again.

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by jdmercha In reply to Huh?

What's your IP address?

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by house In reply to Huh?

The network admins.

If they lock down access to certain places, there is probably a good reason for it... if they are smart, they are blocking known proxy sites as well, not to mention applying policies to disable any related user configuration.

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Go to the local library

by jdclyde In reply to Access to unauthorised we ...

they allow you to access all the nudie sites you want and it doesn't go back to your computer.

But then, your not talking about just your normal nudie site are you? Of an illegal nature? If it is being blocked (unless you are in China) I am sure they have a reason?

How about some more information.
What is the site?
Why is it blocked?
Who is doing the blocking?

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