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By maria512 ·
Up until 3 weeks ago on my home network I was able to access a certain website now it comes up with "page cannot be displayed". I can access the website outside the house i.e. from work, I have also pinged the address and I get replies. I have contacted my ISP and they said it was a wireless router problem, I have contacted them and after about an hour of useless advice they could not help me and told me to contact my ISP!!. I have no problem getting out on the Internet anywhere else only the problem with this site. I have emptied temp internet files, cache, checked host files, system restore, checked wireless configuration. Any help out there?

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by dmiles In reply to Access to website

Check the firewall configuration does it allow you access to go through

The other option will be to check the Security setting located under Tools->Internet Options

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by maria512 In reply to

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by maria512 In reply to Access to website

Thanks for reply, checked security as you said but still nothing.

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by willcomp In reply to Access to website

Check hosts file (search for hosts in Windows file finder and open with notepad). Ensure that site(s) are not being re-routed.


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by willcomp In reply to

Install Mozilla Firefox and see if problem continues. If not, then it is almost surely IE related. If Firefox has same problem, then could be XP, router, or ISP.

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by Black Panther In reply to Access to website

You say a certain website? Is it a secure website ie a padlock appears in the bottom right hand corner. Check all the options are the same for the PC at home compared to the other working PC in Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level ( try setting to medium if already not )

If it is a bank you may need to check the website at work for specific settings needed.

Check the Internet Explorer Options for Advanced especially Security and HTTP.

Check that you are not excluding any site in Connections > Settings > Proxy > Advanced

Are the Internet Explorer versions the same or different. Did you upgrade Internet Explorer 3 weeks ago at home.

Have you also deleted ALL cookies, either disabled the firewall completely or allowed all traffic through to try and access the website.

If the ISP say its a wireless router problem have you proved it's not ie try connecting by ethernet cable at home instead of wireless.

I had a similiar problem last year and ended up reloading Internet Explorer which fixed the problem.


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by louie.mayor In reply to Access to website

You may also have the wrong filename (or no filename) of the page you are accessing. Certain domains (for some strange reason) do not redirect to a default or an index page when typed into the browser, resulting in a "page cannot be displayed error."

Hope this helps.

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by cliffg8 In reply to Access to website

You didn't state which O/S you are using. If you are using XP, try going to the internet options, under advanced select the "restore defaults" button. I have seen where SP2 has stopped several computers from accessing the web entirely.

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by aighden In reply to Access to website

I have the same problem as Maria; I can't view one specific website and it's driving me bonkers. I can access the site with any other computer on the network, just not that one. I've tried uninstalling IE and reinstalling, but the reinstall gives me an error, saying that "Setup was unable to download information about available installation sites." Firefox can't access ANY sites whatsoever, saying the connection was refused. Oh, goodness it's just a mess .

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